People TrackeriPhone and iPod Touch App

People Tracker is an app that allows you to stay connected to your employees, friends, family, co-workers... or anyone else you want to locate in real time.

  • Do you need to know where your employees are?

    People Tracker is the perfect option to stay connected with your employees. Find out where they are or who is closest to a location that you are looking for. Need to know how far the delivery person is to the destination? Or which plumber is nearest to the water emergency? People Tracker is a benefit to any company and can help you, your employees and customers benefit from improved efficiency and overall customer service.

  • Keeping track of an elderly person or a child?

    Have them keep their iPhone in a bag and People Tracker will allow you to know their whereabouts at all times or when they have left a designated region like their friends’ house or the mall.

  • In charge of a big group? Afraid of losing someone?

    Problem solved for tour guides, tour operators, counselors, teachers, etc. Give each tour member a phone with People Tracker installed and you will know exactly where they are. If they can’t locate the group all they have to do is to check on People Tracker the location map or press on “get directions” option and they will be given the directions to get to the other people.

  • Looking for other hikers or cyclists in your group?

    People Tracker is the perfect answer so you can stay safe. Thanks to GPS system, you can see the current longitude and latitude of all the members. Prevent accidents before they happen.

  • Lost a friend at a concert or sporting event?

    Can’t find exactly where your buddy is tailgating? Don’t waste time or money trying to find them. People Tracker is the easiest way to see their exact location in real time. Or even if they don’t have People Tracker installed, they can still receive an email with your exact location including a picture of the map.

How it Works

Download the app from the App Store

To use People Tracker all you have to do is get the app installed on your phone (each person you want to track must have the app installed as well).

Create an account

Once installed, you create an account, then create a new group and invite people to that group. As soon as those people have joined the group, you can see their location on your Device Map.

Create a new group or join a group that already exists

You can create as many groups as you want, for example, you can create groups for employees, friends, family members, co-workers, classmates...

That's all!

You can now start exploring where all the people from those groups are on the map and if you press on them you can see their exact location and be able to contact them, get directions... For each person's profile, you can also see their location history.


  • Does the app work on an iPod touch?

    Yes, the app works in an iPod Touch when is connected to a wifi point (Requires iOS 5.0 or later).

  • Does the app work on an iPad?

    People Tracker team are developing right now the iPad Version, so the iPad version will be relesead soon with new features for the iPad. Although the current iPhone version is compatible with iPad (Requires iOS 5.0 or later).

  • If I have installed the app, are they going to see where I am all the time?

    When the app is executing if sends updates of your location to the server even if the app is in the background, you can decide in the settings how often you want the updates to be. And if you don't want to be tracked you can always deactivate the background updates on the settings.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Version History

People Tracker 1.2 Jul 14, 2012

Release of the first stable version of People Tracker. People Tracker 1.2 works with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires IOS 5.0 or later.

  • New Recent Activity, check latest movements.
  • New Share location by email (with a photo map included).
  • New Create, join or leave a group.
  • New Create a region, move, resize, rename and delete it.

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